LBM Series

LBM Series
Diffusers can be added to TMS-Lite LBM series row series for uniform light distribution.

Adding a diffuser helps to reduce glare from glossy applications and produce lighting that is softer,more beautiful and more shadow-free.

The thickness of a diffuser is 2 mm.

LBM Series

Lighting Models Diffuser Models Datasheet - PDF (2D) Datasheet - STEP (3D)
LBM-00-040-1-X-24V LBM-00-040-1-DIFFUSER 2D-View 3D-View
LBM-00-080-1-X-24V LBM-00-080-1-DIFFUSER 2D-View 3D-View
LBM-00-040-2-X-24V LBM-00-040-2-DIFFUSER 2D-View 3D-View
LBM-00-080-2-X-24V LBM-00-080-2-DIFFUSER 2D-View 3D-View
LBM-00-040-3-X-24V LBM-00-040-3-DIFFUSER 2D-View 3D-View
LBM-00-080-3-X-24V LBM-00-080-3-DIFFUSER 2D-View 3D-View

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