LSW Series

LSW Series
Polarizers can be added to TMS-Lite LSW series rows series when glare needs to be reduced or removed.

Adding a polarizer ensures the maximum elimination of unwanted glare and helps to absorb harsh reflection to provide better performance.

The thickness of polarizer is 0.8mm.

LSW Series

Lighting Models Polarizer Models Datasheet - PDF (2D) Datasheet - STEP (3D)
LSW-00-040-2-X LSW-00-040-2-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-00-050-2-X LSW-00-050-2-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-00-070-3-X LSW-00-070-3-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-00-090-4-X LSW-00-090-4-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-15-038-2-X LSW-15-038-2-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-15-050-2-X LSW-15-050-2-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-15-070-3-X LSW-15-070-3-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-15-090-4-X LSW-15-090-4-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-15-100-5-X LSW-15-100-5-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-30-040-2-X LSW-30-040-2-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-30-050-2-X LSW-30-050-2-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-30-070-3-X LSW-30-070-3-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-30-090-4-X LSW-30-090-4-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-45-050-2-X LSW-45-050-2-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-45-070-3-X LSW-45-070-3-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-45-090-4-X LSW-45-090-4-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View
LSW-45-100-5-X LSW-45-100-5-POLARIZER 2D-View 3D-View

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