On-Site Camera and Illumination Mounting Solution Kit

On-House Camera & Illuminator Mounting Solution Kit contains several types of lighting plate,which can be hold with different lights. The kit also provides a camera mount based on the user's camera brand to hold their camera.

The camera and illuminator module set is easy and quickly to set up and mounted onto machine & system,while being easy to carry around wherever and whenever.

The kit is suitable for small production,laboratories and demonstrations.

On-Site Camera and Illumination Mounting Solution Kit

No Model Description Quantity
1 VT-195-01 Vertical Track 1
2 VT-328-01 Vertical Track 1
3 CMV-RB-XXX Rotate Clamp Module 1
4 CMV-XXX Vertical Camera Mounting Module 1
5 LPR-019-024045-01 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
6 LPR-036-045070-01 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
7 LPR-057-065092-01 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
8 LPR-084-095120-01 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
9 LP-IDS4-050 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
10 LP-IDS4-070 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
11 LP-IDS4-100 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
12 LPS-010-015035-01 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
13 LPS-026-035064-01 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
14 LPS-055-062099-01 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
15 LPS-080-088136-01 Lighting Bracket [Aluminum] 1
16 LP-CAS25-01 Lighting Bracket 1
17 LP-CAS40-01 Lighting Bracket 1
18 CC-LS-02 Adjustable Level 1
19 CC-LS-03 Adjustable Level 1

Base Plate - L210mm X W297mm X H22mm

Stand Profile - L360 mm

21 ADVANCE DEMO BOX Normal Casing – L500mm X W400mm X H150mm 1

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